pwhash, a Go library for password hashing

29 Nov 2012

The goal of pwhash is to bring a library of many common and popular password hashing algorithms to Go and to provide a simple and consistent interface to each of them. As every hashing method is implemented in pure Go, this library should be as portable as Go itself.

All hashing methods come with a test suite which verifies their operation against itself as well as the output of other password hashing implementations to ensure compatibility with them.

To install pwhash, use the go get command.

user@host$ go get

Documentation is included with the library using standard Go documentation mechanisms. In order to view the documentation, you can start Go's built-in HTTP server like this:

user@host$ godoc -index=true -http=localhost:9000
2012/11/29 08:20:18 before GC: bytes = 470636024 footprint = 905631816
2012/11/29 08:20:19 after  GC: bytes = 273204992 footprint = 906680392

You should now be able to view the documentation by visiting http://localhost:9000/pkg/ in your web browser. (Just type ^C in your terminal window to stop the godoc HTTP server.)

I hope you find this library to be useful and easy to use!

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